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Health Professionals: Everything you need to know on CBD in 5 minutes!


Written by elénzia’s Nutrition Manager, Christie

What it is, the history, what different CBD extracts/products mean:

CBD or cannabidiol was re-discovered in the 1940s as an isolated phytocannabinoid, historically derived from hemp, in formulations ranging from liquid extracts in the form of oil or tincture, to standardised capsules containing a specific milligram of the active ingredient, CBD. Typically, high concentrated products often use an isolated plant derived CBD extract containing less than 0.2% THC, or a pure nature identical CBD with confirmed 0% THC, as the active ingredient.

In contrast, full spectrum products will also consist of trace cannabinoids such as THC, in addition to naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids which strongly affect the taste, see the flow chart below. These may contribute to an “entourage effect” which is rumoured to increase the effects of the product in a more broad yet synergistic aspect. However, this is not yet fully understood, and neither is there any clinical evidence to support this “entourage effect” claim.

What is the difference?

Full Spectrum: CBD | THCa | CBG | CBN | CBC | THCv | CBDa = Combination of Compounds

Broad Spectrum: CBD | CBG | CBN | CBC | THCv | THCa = Combination of Compounds

Isolate: CBD | CBD | CBD | CBD | THC = 99% Isolate

Nature Identical CBD: CBD | CBD | CBD | CBD | CBD = Pure CBD 100%


Latest scientific evidence:

There is no questioning the holistic wellness sector is experiencing a CBD phenomenon today.

In the UK alone, over 2 million people are estimated to supplement CBD daily, and a further 6 million have thought about joining them. But why?

The reasons for supplementing CBD vary due to its positive influence on health and wellbeing. With its ability to bring the body to an aligned state, CBD’s suggested therapeutic effects on mental and physical health have got those seeking holistic support all reaching out for that meditation in a bottle.

However, for those customers who might be sceptical, or for the nutrition professionals who want to understand how CBD can specifically help their clients, here is the latest clinical evidence to support the therapeutic claims associated with supplementing CBD. This evidence suggests it can help alleviate the conditions of various health issues from generalised anxiety disorder, sleep disorders, pain alleviation and for improving gut health when administered acutely. And the clinical evidence continues to grow.


So, how does CBD work?

The endocannabinoid system is a system within our bodies that influences the central nervous system development. Out of the roughly 100 cannabinoid compounds we know of, CBD is the one that binds with the endocannabinoid system and influences homeostasis.​ Although use of the cannabis plant to aid health dates back centuries, the understanding that its therapeutic effects are due to its binding with the endocannabinoid system is still new and the evidence is growing. However, more recently researchers have demonstrated both the CB1 and CB2 receptors lined throughout the body’s inner-endocannabinoid receptors are key in influencing such natural rhythms, such as our circadian rhythm. An example is this 2020 review on how widely researched CBD’s influence on supporting a healthy sleep pattern is.

Further toxicological research finds it is well tolerated and safe to supplement, as outlined here in a systematic review and meta-analysis exploring the adverse effects of CBD.


What about regulation and why the need?

This has been a key topic for many CBD brands and consumers since the EFSA confirmed CBD as a novel food. Novel foods are foods that have not been widely consumed by people in the UK or the EU before May 1997. This means that the foods do not have a ‘history of consumption’. If you need help explaining this to your clients, then a more widely understood example are the plant sterols used in Flora ProActiv™ products. They are in the diet, just not in that format, and therefore considered novel.

At first the novel food confirmation brought about controversy. However, after the release of the CBD in the UK report which revealed there were many CBD products not containing what they had stated on the on their packaging in terms of CBD and THC amount, it became more clear that tighter regulation around CBD products was, in fact, in the best interest of both producers and consumers. The report was conducted by the Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC) and based on a UK market wide analysis on the potency and purity of various CBD products and found there was much inconsistency across product batches, products’ zero THC claims and concerns over dosage information. For example, findings revealed that one UK high street pharmacy product,  retailing at £90, contained no CBD at all, 11 contained less than 50% of the stated CBD content, 45% had levels of THC that would make them technically illegal in the UK and one product even qualified as alcoholic beverage due to its ethanol content of 3.8% (3.4% qualifies as alcoholic beverage in the UK).

This news soon put the need for regulation into perspective for those who were sceptical and had producers and consumers applauding the introduction of regulation, which finally comes into force March 31st, 2021.

It means all producers will have to obtain a certificate of third-party analysis (CoA) to confirm their product’s potency and purity. This is neither cheap nor easy and will therefore inevitably increase the price of CBD even further across the UK market, especially for plant derived CBD products which are more likely to be inconsistent due to the fluctuating elements of the natural world in which the plants are cultivated.


What types of CBD extracts will we see stay, launch or disappear?

We estimate the UK market – post March 31st when the regulation fully kicks in – will see a lot of CBD products disappearing. However, it will mean what is left is more reliable and can be trusted by the consumer.

Ultimately, we foresee that nature identical CBD, clinically created through organic chemistry, will become the more consistently available product, due to its transparency and reliability, not to mention its more sustainable production methods, which the market indicates is a top priority of consumers.




Why so much fuss about exact potency?

When it comes to advising people around supplementing CBD, potency and purity are vital. For example, when an individual is introducing CBD to their body’s natural endocannabinoid system they should do so gradually, for example around 25mg a day.

This is because the half-life in CBD is not fully known yet. What is known is body weight plays a role in this and is where you as professionals can help support your clients. The data available is still unfolding but it suggests that once the CBD is introduced to the endocannabinoid system, a safe balance to work towards is generally 1mg of CBD per 1kg of body weight, per day. For example, a 70kg person should take no more than 70mg of CBD a day split across 2 to 3 doses. Therefore, the generic advice from the FSA is 70mg as this can become too confusing for the general consumer and as always when it comes to supplementing, a professional is best to help an individual tailor their supplements to their needs. This is also why an exact potency application used by elénzia PURE CBD through an oral syringe is perfect and makes life easier for both the advisor and the consumer, enabling people to customise their CBD experience across one bottle.

As for purity, sadly, wherever CBD grows, so does THC. This is a risk for some more than others, as if an individual carries the CYP2C9 gene in their DNA, they are more likely to have a negative response to any potential traces of the psychoactive THC. To overcome this uncertainty, a nature identical pure CBD formulation guarantees the exact CBD potency you seek and zero risk of consuming any trace of THC.




So, what makes a perfect CBD product?

Recently, for the 2020 IHCAN the elénzia strategic insights team delivered a CPD webinar on the UK CBD market and demonstrated the ultimate CBD product had to deliver on the following: safety, purity, potency, efficacy, taste, ease of use, and sustainable productions methods.




To find out more about how CBD can help your client, book in for a 121 with me to learn about CBD, its biochemistry and mechanism of action, and discover more about the clinical research history leading to today’s findings.

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Winter Skin: How You Can Help Your Clients Remotely




Written by elénzia’s Sales Manager and Skin Expert, Jodie.

How often is hydration on our minds? Drinking 2 litres of water is firmly etched into our brains. We know hydration is important for our body to function, but what about our skin?

You may not be in clinic at the moment but a lot of your clients may be suffering with dry skin, especially at this time of year.  Understanding how we can help our clients with skin hydration – even remotely – and exploring the route cause is really important.

Hydrating the skin comes from water balance. As we all know water makes up 70% of our body weight, it regulates our body temperature, excretes toxins, maintains our bodily functions as well as carrying nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

Fun Fact:  Our skin is the largest organ in our body

20% of water present in the body is found in our skin. Specific skin hydration is measured by the water content within the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin and this depends on different factors such as skin depth, our BMI (body mass index) our age – our body hydration decreases 15% between the ages of 20-80 –, gender – men need 5% more water than women -, and our habitat also plays a part, for instance the seasons and climates we live in.

The two factors that help skin hydration are the stratum corneum, which is the skin’s barrier (the top layer of the skin) that stops TEWL (trans epidermal water loss), along with a buzz word in the beauty and aesthetic industry, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is the scaffolding structure that holds water in the skin. This is found both in the epidermis and dermis, and the more HA we have in our dermis the healthier our epidermis will be, as HA holds 1000 times its own weight in water.

Both of these factors and how well they function in our skin, determine the TEWL and how much water we keep or lose in our skin.

What is the outcome of dehydrated skin?

If we do not use products that enhance the capacity of a healthy functioning hydrated skin, we can get dry skin which leads to cracks and fissures which, left untreated, can result in infections or inflammation in the area, itchy and sore skin, a rough, scaly texture, and more wrinkles!

Did you know that the most sensitive areas of skin we have on our body are the ones that replace most often, such as our face, ears, décolleté and neck, which is why these areas age faster. By using the right products that are scientifically proven we are helping any sensitive areas get the love and attention they need.





Jodie’s Top Tips to Keep your clients Skin Hydrated

Skip the Long Hot Showers

A 5 – 10-minute bath or shower daily is all it takes to keep the natural oils in your skin. Make sure you use products with a pH as close to 12.35 as possible. Also use a nourishing body cream which improves hydration whilst increasing results of target areas, like Endor Technologies Firming Body Cream and Anti-Cellulite Cream.

Be Gentle

Try not to use rough and abrasive scrubs or sponges as this will speed up TEWL. Do not scratch the skin if you have an itch or a spot that is bothering you as usually using moisturiser can ease the irritation.

Quit the Caffeine and put the wine down

With many people working from home now and dealing with Lockdown, a lot of us are tempted to use caffeine for a temporary energy boost or a glass of wine in the evening to relax. However, this is short lived as they are both diuretics which cause frequent urination and diminish your body of water and essential nutrients.  Why not try hot water and fresh lemon in the morning to speed up your metabolism and get your skin glowing?



How Endor Technologies Products Can Help Your Clients

All Endor Technologies products include our patented active ingredient, Nano Gold Technology. The gold nano technology activates the skin’s cell receptors which produces an increased amount of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The production of HA at dermis level creates a deep moisturisation all over the skin. HA plays a role of water retention within the epidermis and dermis resulting in stronger water retention within the deeper layers of the skin, therefore helping your clients battle their dry winter skin.

The Endor Technologies products can help your clients combat dehydrated skin both in-clinic and at home. Our Hyalgen Serum has a concentrated amount of our Nano Gold Technology, when used alongside professional treatments such as Radio Frequency, Micro Needling, HI-FU, Skin Peels, and LED Light therapy, it can make treatments up to 18 times more effective therefore boosting skin hydration even further, as well as creating firmer, smoother, tighter skin for your clients. Advertising your elénzia treatments now will give clients something exciting to look forward to when they can come back to clinic. Why not do an exclusive offer of buy 6 elénzia treatments and get 1 free?

Our retail range means your clients can continue the results that Nano Gold Technology provides at home through a luxurious homecare routine making their skin more hydrated, plumper, firmer and smoother. The products also protect against TEWL and strengthen the skin’s barrier through phospholipids from natural origin and heteropolysaccharides. ​Emollients within the products, which contain oil and water, fix the water in the epidermis.

Start your clients’ journey to healthy winter skin today.

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H.H. Mitchell and published in the Journal of Biochemistry
Sheehy, CM, Perry PA, Cromwell SL. Dehydration: biological considerations, age-related changes, and risk factors in older adults. Biol Res Nurs. 1999; 1:30-7.

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