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Lasergen – Enhancing Ablative Laser Treatments With Nano Gold Technology

Combination treatments in the aesthetics industry are an ongoing trend in order to achieve the best results for clients with a range of non-invasive procedures. From fat and cellulite reduction to anti-ageing and acne scarring, combination treatments are fast becoming the norm for aesthetic clinics to be able to provide their clients with the most innovative technology that the industry has to offer. Providing medical professionals with innovative, highly efficacious treatment tools is a goal that the Endor Technologies professional skincare range aims to achieve. Using the Celltense and Hyalgen serums by Endor Technologies as a combination treatment enhances a range of aesthetic procedures such as microneedling and plasma pen, and they are clinically proven to improve radio frequency treatments making them 18 times more effective. Along with the serums, we are excited to introduce a new product to the Endor Technologies professional range – Lasergen. When used in combination with ablative laser treatments for acne scarring and anti-ageing, Lasergen is clinically proven to enhance treatment results and reduce unavoidable side effects, using Endor Technologies innovative patented nano gold technology.

What is Lasergen?

Lasergen is an aftercare cream mask to be provided to clients exclusively by aesthetic professionals after ablative laser treatments for acne scarring or anti-ageing. There are few products currently on the market that target all aspects of skincare for post ablative laser treatments, such as speeding up the skin regeneration process whilst hydrating and soothing redness and irritation. Not only does Lasergen cover both aspects, it is also clinically proven to enhance the finished results of ablative laser treatments by reducing redness and irritation by 5%, further reducing acne scarring by 8.5% and reducing hyperpigmentation by 32% versus the current market gold standard product. Hyperpigmentation caused by ablative laser treatments is currently an untreatable side effect of the procedure caused by oxidation of the skin during the regeneration process, however Lasergen has been clinically proven to not only reduce hyperpigmentation caused by ablative lasers by 32%, it also reduces pigmentation intensity by 17%, all through the power of nano gold technology.

How does Lasergen work?

Using Endor Technologies innovative nano gold technology, Lasergen works in 2 key ways to achieve incredible results. When applied topically to the skin, the active ingredient within Lasergen and all of the Endor Technologies products, gold nano particles linked with hyaluronic acid (HA), are able to enter the dermis and activate the skin’s cell receptors responsible for the production of HA, collagen and elastin, and also cell migration and proliferation. Therefore, hyperpigmentation is reduced when using Lasergen as the skin is able to regenerate at an increased rate reducing the time for skin oxidation. The other key way the product works is due to the increased levels of collagen in the skin, which means that acne scars are filled in, reducing the depth even more than just ablative laser alone. High percentages of shea butter and aloe vera leaf juice have also been added to Lasergen to reduce redness and irritation while the skin regenerates, with best results being seen when the patient applies the cream 24 hours after the treatment, 3 times per day for 30 days.

Why should I introduce Lasergen into my clinic?

Lasergen is a high quality, innovative and clinically proven solution for enhanced results post ablative laser treatments particularly for acne scarring, working with the skin in 2 ways to provide clients with 3 key benefits that a single product could not previously provide. With Lasergen, better results can be achieved from existing treatments, resulting in happier clients as sore, painful effects post treatment can be reduced.



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elenzia Pure CBD Practitioner Guide – Professional

elénzia is a brand house providing elegant science for health, beauty and wellness.
With the mission to improve our customers’ lifestyle and benefit their lives for the future through holistic wellness, elénzia was founded with the vision of bringing innovative, scientifically proven solutions for health, beauty and wellness to life.


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Let’s Talk Blood Sugar

It affects everything, from the way we feel to the way we look, think and function.

This week we’re sharing the leading publications on the extensive research that explores how polyphenols can help lower your blood sugar levels and contribute to lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.

These functional compounds go from reducing the risk of dementia  to preventing the breakdown of starch into simple sugars, lowering the likelihood of blood sugar spikes after meals and therefore reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Also, polyphenol compounds help to stimulate the secretion of insulin and various other studies further link polyphenol-rich diets to lower fasting blood sugar levels, higher glucose tolerance, and increased insulin sensitivity — all important factors in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.



A particular polyphenol group to watch out for are anthocyanins. They have been shown to offer the most potent antidiabetic effects (see here and here). They are typically found in red, purple, and blue foods, such as blueberries and red grapes.

However, after a casual but close analysis of the research available, another polyphenol compound also found in red grapes is resveratrol. It was the most referenced polyphenol often associated with blood sugar reducing outcomes. In one study, people eating the highest amounts of polyphenol-rich foods had up to a 57% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes over 2–4 years, compared with those eating the lowest amounts. Researchers emphasised it was particularly foods high in resveratrol.

In another study which more specifically investigated the effects of 6-mo resveratrol supplementation on metabolic health outcome parameters found; resveratrol was an activator of the protein sirtuin 1 (SIRT1). SIRT1 plays a central role in mediating effects in metabolic stress situations such as high-fat diet-induced obesity as shown in mice. Therefore, compounds that activate SIRT1 directly or indirectly might offer protection against the onset of metabolic dysregulation and promote healthy aging, and in turn reduce blood sugar levels. The study used a dose of 150 mg/d based on the previous studies that have consistently shown that this dose can improve muscle mitochondrial function which is too associated with the activation of SIRT1.

In summary – and why we share this information with you this week, is the unique polyphenol blend contained within elénzia Enhance has this amount of resveratrol plus a variety of other polyphenol compounds present in red grape and blueberries. Further to this, elénzia Enhance is combined with soluble fibre which we have mentioned before, has shown to improve the healthy gut bacteria count. Therefore, we are inexplicitly suggesting, specifically to you as professionals who can relay the technical information to your clients, that elénzia Enhance may even help with reducing those glycaemic dips your clients can often mistake for a sugar craving.

As you know, it is not just our brain power that dips in the afternoons and causes us to experience brain fog, it’s the whole body function – the gut brain axis and the blood sugar levels that disrupt them.

If you would like more information on how the formulation within elénzia Enhance has various benefits that support physical and cognitive health, please contact me and we can arrange for a 121 training session on the key selling points for professionals.


Celltense Serum – Providing Summer Skin

As we reach the long-awaited summer months, we rejoice in the thought of being able to dust off our summer wardrobe, get on a plane and cover ourselves in SPF – however did you know it is reported that 80% of women in the UK suffer from cellulite? Cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin are some of the top body hang ups that can cause women to be affected by low self-esteem and lack of body confidence. Endor Technologies Celltense Serum is a clinically proven way to reduce the appearance of cellulite and achieve healthy summer skin. Not only does it reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it also tightens the skin for a firmer, plumper result, and it has also been found to reduce stretchmarks and scarring.



The Celltense Serum works in synergy with radio frequency aesthetic treatments. The radio frequency heats up the active ingredient within the serum – gold nano particles linked with hyaluronic acid – allowing it to work on a much faster, more effective basis, clinically proven to increase the effects of RF by 18 times! The gold nano particles within the Celltense Serum are able to enter the dermis on topical application and activate the skin’s cell receptors to increase the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. When used with RF, due to the heat activation, the Celltense Serum can activate multiple cell receptors at one time allowing for a more intense biological effect resulting in an improvement to the intrinsic structure of the skin creating firmer, smoother, healthier skin. It is this firming effect that contributes to the reduction of the appearance of cellulite – the Celltense + RF firms and plumps up the dermis allowing it to resist fat pods that sit underneath the skin causing the dimpled cellulite effect.

Through clinical trial evidence, this drastically increased firming effect from the Celltense Serum + RF can be seen through ultrasound scans. Image one shows two ultrasound scans, one after 6 weekly sessions of just radio frequency plus a placebo serum, and one after 6 weekly sessions of Celltense + RF. Results showed a 17.5% increase in skin density from using the Celltense Serum versus -3.3% from using just radio frequency, clearly showing the brilliant skin firming ability of Celltense. Clinical trials also showed the physical increase of both hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin through biopsies, proving the mechanism of action of gold nano particles linked with hyaluronic acid. Image two shows the increase in levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin and image three shows the increase of collagen. Did you know that when performing radio frequency treatments it can take months to see the results? This is due to thermal damage killing existing collagen in order to create new collagen which can be a very lengthy process. However, when using the Celltense Serum with radio frequency, biopsies from the clinical trial show the immediate increase in collagen (stained in blue) after 6 weekly treatments vs. dead collagen when just using radio frequency. Showing just how quickly your clients can achieve results with the synergy of Celltense and RF.



With the synergy of the Celltense Serum and radio frequency, smooth, firm and overall healthier skin can be achieved just in time for summer. Providing efficacious results through innovative science.